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Nice new site which explores the relationship between everyday subjects and the process of going deeper into the Sahaja meditation state. Other Sahaja Yoga tags: meditation, sahaja yoga, thoughtless awareness

Sahaja Yoga meditation in jails

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is practised in 22 countries in jails. This method is known to reduce levels of stress and anxiety, and to help the persons to get rid of addictions. The inmates decide to follow the courses on a free will base. The organisers are volunteers. Other Sahaja Yoga tags: jail, sahaja yoga, stress […]

Sahaja Yoga en Prisons

“SahajaYoga en prisons” presents testimonies of inmates and of volonteers that did Sahaja Yoga Meditation while in jails. You can find its translation in the blog : Sahaja Yoga in jails. Other Sahaja Yoga tags: francais, jails, prisons, sahaja yoga

Cocina y Sahaja Yoga

Recipes by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, translated into Spanish Other Sahaja Yoga tags: recipes, Shri Mataji, Spanish

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