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Artes Iluminadas y Sahaja Yoga

Arte es el medio para conocer y experimentar tu propio yo interior y elevarlo al más alto grado de la divinidad. Spanish-language blog. Other Sahaja Yoga tags: sahaja yoga, Spanish

Fragancia Divina

Spanish-language blog by a Sahaja yogi. Other Sahaja Yoga tags: art, Spanish

Witness the Spark

“The English song states it only takes a spark to get a fire going. The fire that we are witnessing is burning silently in human hearts, who are discovering their true identity and purpose in life through a tiny spark of Divine Love. We are going to share this with you through quotes from talks, […]


The Subtle (Sanskrit ‘Sukshma’) system of chakras and channels is well known in Sahaja Yoga and can be felt on the hands and the feet.  This site explores how it has been reflected in world art through the ages. Compiled by an Australian Sahaja yogi. Other Sahaja Yoga tags: art, chakras, historical

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